About the Author

William Cary was born in the mid-60s and grew up in Northern California. He has always been fascinated by scientific innovations and pondering how those advances will ultimately affect humanity’s future. This, combined with his desire to use his imagination, made him a prime candidate for a science fiction novelist. He studied writing in college, wrote short stories and even started working on a novel. However, during his tenure in college, he stumbled into a career in graphic design, providing him with another outlet for his imagination. He ended up marrying his best friend, Beth, and together they raised three children, but family life left William with little time for writing. After his children grew up and they all left the proverbial nest, however, he took advantage of the added free time and returned to his love of writing. Brushing the dust off the notes from his novel, he decided it was time to finally finish it.


The Omega Circle is that story—conceived of 30 years ago and finally brought to fruition. William is thrilled to get the story onto the written page, and although he wrote it for himself, he sincerely hopes others will find the story as enjoyable as he does.



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